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December 13 12:55
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Rafa's Knee; No Regrets for Fish; Tracking The Top 10 and Olympic Coverage

July 24, 2012 | 08:59 PM

RAFA says his congenital knee problem isn't yet responding to whatever treatment protocol he's used in the past to keep him ambulatory (recall from his book that the medical community had all but given up hope on his recovery 3 years ago before a Madrid doctor came up with some special injections). His public statement is that "I will come back when my knee is good, to come back when it is not good is terrible"

And hints that this is note likely before Cincinatti next month (after Toronto).

MARDY FISH says that he is happy to be skipping the Olympics, noting that his silver medal in '04 is behind him. Why shouldn't he be happy? Playing as the 1st seed in DC will allow him to defend his last title points and earn significant cash in an event with limited competitors, playing on his favorite surface in his best season (summer).

Tracking the Top 10: Today and Yesterday

The way broadcasters speak of The Top 10 makes it sound like an elite club. It is, and it isn't.

While at any given moment many of the ten men ranked 10th or higher may be tougher than almost anyone else to knock off, and breaking into the Top 10 usually requires winning at least a couple of small 250 events and\or pushing into the 2nd week of a major and the last few rounds of a 1000 level event. But we all know that among active players at any given time, quite a number have at one time joined the club (currently 28 of the top 100), and others are clearly on their way there soon. And 28 is a low number, relative to other times.

For the scoop, go to Jeff Sackmann's post today on

The Ever-Expanding Top Ten | Heavy Topspin: A Tennis Blog


In a day or two, we should be seeing draw for the Olympic tennis to begin Saturday.

Here are links to your local television and internet coverage of Olympic events:

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Olympic Watching, Streaming 7.24.12

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