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December 16 02:33
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Fed Runs Up Short; Nalbandian Ejected from Queens for Poor Etiquette (Assault)

Cilic gifted 7th ATP title

June 17, 2012 | 09:57 PM

If anything could have made the Queens final steal headlines today from a FEDERER defeat in Halle by the oldest player to ever beat him (yo, Pete), it was going to have to be something controversial. David Nalbandian provided just what was needed when he inadvertently bloodied a linesman's shin while imitating Joker and taking his anger out on a sponsor's courtside sign (too close the lines person). Would Roland Garros have defaulted JOKER in his Monday final against Rafa had he been so unfortunate when he destroyed the Perrier banner by his court side chair?

Three of four finalists this weekend were over 30, but only the 34 year old Tommy HAAS came away with a win, 7-6 (5), 6-4 (over Fed). It was Tommy's 2nd Halle win and his first final since winning Halle in 2009 (he's had many injuries in the interim). Overall, it was his 13th singles title and his 8th in a row (he's lost a final in 10 years). The win will move him up to the top 40 where he last played two years ago this month (a year ago he had dropped to 896). Haas won with aggressive returning from both wings and a lot of help from Fed's wild errors and miscues.

While Fed only faced 4 break points, he lost two and played his worst tennis of the year since losing to another 30 year old, #34 Roddick in the 3rd round of Miami. If Fed's objective was to get in some grass play before Wimbledon, Halle gave it to him. He faced the hardest server in the game (Raonic) and beat him for a 3rd time this year, and routined two other players who will be seeded at Wimbledon (#31 Youznhy and #29 Mayer). With Joker sitting idle and Rafa losing to Kohlschreiber in Hale's 2nd round, Rog can feel ready and confident. If anything was proved in Halle, it's that there is no reason Rog can't continue to win titles until he's in his mid-30's (like Haas).

For a 2nd week in a row, The BRYANS were bested in a final by Miryni and Nestor in straight sets.

Later next week we'll look at the latest news before Wimbledon, and analyze the draws when they come out Friday. The qualifying begins tomorrow and the seedings will come out Wednesday.

ATP (Queens, Halle finals) 6.15.12

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