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August 13 • 10:43
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Re: Players React to Madrid's Blue Clay (guest post from Senor X)

Rafa upset after practice session (clay slippery, visibility in stadium poor)

May 04, 2012 | 08:07 PM


Whilst I've nothing against thinking outside the box ( a long worded definition of iconoclast), who is really behind this? Has Tiriac's ego superseded Spanish tradition ? Is he tempting fate by comparing his lowly Bulgarian self to Pablo Picasso, el maestro, entering a blue period? All I want to know is how many €€ The Monsanto Corp. has contracted to deposit into IT's Zurich acct. Conditionally, of course.( are Rafa and Ion still on speaking terms?).

For Rafa's 2 and a Half complaints about the blue clay after his practice session, go to:

Only (!) twice a winner in Madrid, Rrrrrafaeeeeel Naaadaaaaal is playing catch-up :

6: French Opens

7: Abiertos de Barcelona

8: Monte Carlo

Especially impressive to even the ( former) great Bjorn Borg is that Le Petit Prince Albert of Monaco has had to award, pour la huitième foi, la Coupe de S.A.S. Le Prince Souverain Monte Carlo! And he has promised to return for more....

Meanwhile, back in Munich, Tommy is on a tear. Has Haas signed a new contract with Adidas, including several incentive clauses-let alone bonus €€ for the longer he "argyles" it out? ( and have you heard the BMW motorbikes buzzing by during points?)

Or has Tommy found the rejuvenating POD formerly occupied by the world#1?


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