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June 06 11:03
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20-20: Rafa and the Bryans Reach Milestone Together

The Bryans' balanced Record in Masters 1000 events

April 23, 2012 | 09:21 PM

Breaking his tie with Roger for 19 Masters 1000 titles, Rafa was joined by the Bryan Brothers, who beat Nestor & Mirnyi in a similarly undramatic fashion in the Monte Carlo final, 6-2, 6-3.

Rafa's titles are such a frequent topic of discussion that they don't need much review because another milestone is reached:

hardly worth noting that 15 of his 20 Masters titles have been won on clay, where his singular status needs no further enhancement.

Their 11 Majors (on all surfaces), their record 77 titles and their 20-2 record in DavisCup competition is well known.

However, details of the Bryan's other achievements are less well known, though no less spectacular given that the seasoned competition includes:

- 6 former #1 doubles players who've won 29 Majors among them in the past 10 years

- A legend, Daniel Nestor, who's won 25 Masters 1000 tournies and 7 Majors (Paes equals Nestor in this).

Their 20 Masters 1000 titles include:

- 8 of 15 on clay

- 7 of 15 on outdoor hard

- 4 of 5 indoors

Their 11 Majors also equal Rafa's total and exceed that of other active doubles specialists, and include:

- 8 on hard

- 1 on clay

- 2 on grass

Even John McEnroe failed to win one of his 9 Doubles Majors on clay.


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