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April 19 09:20
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Federer says remark about Wawrinka lost in translation - ESPN

February 16, 2012 | 02:39 PM

His original remarks, translated from the post-match French interview, were that Stan played 'not bad' (pas mal), not as reported in English, 'not too good.' Big difference, but after they were taken out of context, he explained what he'd said in a statement and spoke with Stan and their long-time coach to make sure they had no misunderstanding or hard feelings. Given how many languages he gives interviews in, it's a wonder some such brouhaha hasn't been manufactured before this. It makes me wonder how players' english interviews are translated into other languages. Of course some of Serena's outbursts could not have been lost in translation...


Federer-Wawrinka Post Davis Cup Rema

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