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April 24 02:17
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Federer Blames Wawrinka for Switzerland's Loss

February 13, 2012 | 09:07 PM

Fed pulls a Gisele Bundchen with the Media

Fed probably wasn't tuned in to our little Superbowl a week ago, and may have missed Gisele's widely reported gaff after the game, when she told the media that husband Tom 'couldn't both throw and catch his passes.' Tom quickly tried to clean up for his wife's gaffe, making it clear how great a player and partner he thought Wes Welker has been for him [in spite of dropping a catchable pass that would have made a difference in the 4th quarter].

In any event, this is an example of when saying out loud - never mind saying it to the media - what you see pretty clearly as having been true is NOT a good idea... In his inimitable style, Fed didn't pull any punches in a press conference with French media after the tie was lost by him and his gold medalist partner Stan Wawrinka. Saying what he said in front of Stan must have felt in some way okay to Fed at the moment, but regardless, it made him look clueless and - in this case - ridiculous.

While I agree with Fed's assessment that Stan played sub-par doubles in their loss, his own loss to ISNER was BY FAR the biggest disappointment in the weekend. From Fed's point of view, he played well and was simply done in by Isner's power, as others have sometime been. That said, Nadal took his game to another level when he fell behind 2 sets to Isner in the 1st round at Roland Garros last year. Fed did not.

The truth speaks for itself:

It was Fed - not Stan - who gagged in the last game of the doubles, missing two easy backhands near the net and then whiffing a third to force match point. And while Stan gagged some in his singles win over Fish, in which he lead 2-1 in sets, his gagging and the quality of his tennis (not his best) was no worse than his opponent's. It was a battle between two nervous men not laying their best in a difficult Cup opener on a surface that left much to be desired for everyone (chosen by Fed!).

The only thing that could compound Fed's grievance is if he pulls a SERENA, and doesn't quickly apologize to Stan in a public statement and admit his own greater responsibility in their loss to Team USA. It is too late to credit Isner with playing the match of a life time, which he may have done (forgetting about his Marathon win agains the almost forgettable Mahut).

Wait until tomorrow... I don't know what the odds of an apology are, but I'm hoping he'll make an unqualified, genuine one, and perhaps even go so far as to say he was too distraught to know what he was saying.


Federer Gaff, post Cup loss to USA 2

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