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September 21 02:27
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For Fed Fans: The Question?

We know what Rafa will work on (serve); how about Roger?

September 14, 2011 | 08:39 AM

Joker won 55% of serving points against Rafa - if he'd won only 55% v. Fed, he'd have won only 132 points and Fed would have won 166.

Joker won 37% of receiving points against Fed - if he'd won only 37% v. Rafa, he'd have won only 108 points and Rafa would have won 126.

In other words:

- Joker beat Nadal with his return game and beat Fed with his serve game

- Rafa said he will be working on his serve

- Will Roger be working on his return?

That is a question, at least. I wonder why his return, which was so effective against Tsonga in the quarters, was ineffective against Joker. But I also wondered why Tsonga's return, which was so effective against Federer in Montreal, could not help in NY. Maybe it's just about who's executing serves and returns better on a given day. Right now, Joker's doing both consistently better than anyone else, as Rafa was last year, and Fed did between '04 and '07 when he won 3 Triplers and 11 of 16 Majors.

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