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September 22 03:44
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On need for roofs at BJK TC

from Dick Stockton

September 08, 2011 | 03:15 PM

Tarps are not a bad idea, but they wouldn't have helped much over the last two days. The only real answer is a retractable roof over Ashe Stadium and another over Armstrong Stadium.. The USTA has to admit to the fact that the organization really dropped the ball by not having the foresight years ago and having a roof installed over Ashe Stadium when the stadium was built. So, it's going to cost $200 million just for Ashea? So what? The event nets about $300 million each year. Think about the revenue that can be generated by the ability to use that stadium for non-tennis events during the other forty-nine weeks of the year! If that building had a roof on it, I would have bet anything that the New Jersey Nets would be moving to Queen's and not to Brooklyn. The possibilities are endless. Someone was very shortsighted in not figuring all this out twenty years ago (or whenever the plans were drawn up). How simple it would have been...

Dick Stockton

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