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September 21 02:01
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Last Night's Drama with the Dark Force

September 02, 2011 | 07:52 PM

The other great entertainment of Thursday happened in the 2nd match of the evening session with the Joker in his black brand. After going up 6-0, 6-0 over his completely over-matched opponent, the Argentine Carlos Berloq, the crowd was more than ready to see any kind of entertainment (Wozniacki had won the first evening session in 45 minutes with the loss of 2 games, and the evening certainly looked destined to become the most lopsided and shortest ever).

With the crowd standing to cheer him winning points, the Argentine put even more effort into every stroke. His cause: to win a game from the man playing in a zone he has to himself in 2011. Between exhausting points, Carlos struggled to catch his breath while the Joker dispensed with toweling off between points and hurried through his pre-serve ball bouncing. Berloq's closest chances (a couple of ads) were re-buffed by the Serb with brilliance he could only feign to celebrate with a slo-mo fist pump or one of many embarrassed smiles that he had to contain looking down into his chest (this practice continued after the match). Ironically, when Berloq finally broke through, it was to break serve at 0-2, and again at 1-3, before it was over 2-6 (in 90 minutes).

NY fans, used to long summer evenings from which they could return - exhausted at 2 in the morning - were done by 10:30, when the Sox-Yankees fans among them could tune in to the last several innings of another 4 hour, 15 minute game over at 11:20. Score: 4-2 NYY, in 9 innings, ended by long battles between closer Rivera (with more saves than any other AL pitcher in history) and sluggers Carl Crawford and, with the bases loaded and 2 out, league- leading Sox recruit Adrian Gonzalez. I'm sure that real drama wasn't lost on most of the capacity crowd at Ashe, but they'd had what Gael Monfils might have called 'like a great feeling' while watching the Alpha Serb demonstrate the full range of his repertoire.


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