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November 30 • 01:59
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In My Humble Opinion - Bob's Blog

July 11, 2012
It was certainly an historic and exciting finish in the Gentlemen's Final you can find thousands of articles and videos rehashing the high points and the low points and some unfortunately will take one of the truly high points and twist it into a low moment.

London's Sun did just that when they headlined their report on a great final...."New bawls please: Murray is the crying Scotsman". You can find the link to the story a bit further on in this InSider.

I have never been much of a fan of Andy's, he always struck me as a player with a great deal of potential but lacked discipline and the resolve to win the "big" one.

That is until the Wimbledon Final ...

Andy played a great match, demonstrating a will and skill that would have carried many a championship. He made his fellow Scots proud, brought the UK together, and nearly climbed the Mount Everest of tennis to proclaim, I hold the Champions Cup for winning Wimbledon.

But Andy's achievements went further than almost fact, he did win...not in a way that will show up in the Honor Roll of Champions, that will come later. Andy became something far more significant for him and for tennis, today he brandished the confidence and steel to show his emotions in public, to cry out that there was something of such great value to him that he would weep at not achieving it.

Several times, Roger Federer and even Rafa Nadal have been chastised by the media for openly crying after losing a final match....and, at times, even when they won the match.

Some in the media appear to feel like London's Sun newspaper, a Murdoch paper did with its headline suggesting Andy needed "new bawls" and anointing him with the handle, "the crying Scotsman". Their article indicates they feel it is less than "manly" to show human emotion.

Decrying that openly proclaiming to the world how much value you place on doing your best, overcoming all odds, and excelling is something they disdain. They apparently believe that those values are not worth ink and paper space. They ridicule and demean someone who did his best yet wept because it was not enough.

I have become a fan of Andy Murray.

I admire his strength of character and self-confidence that he can express his emotions, knowing his inner strength is firmly based. Those character traits will shield him against idiots that show their own weaknesses by overlooking the mountains he climbed this fortnight and the mountain he almost scaled, and instead see in his post-match openness as an excuse to ridicule.

Sorry for the sermon, I just get tired of such little men trying to bring everyone else down to their level.

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