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December 04 • 02:50
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Hit a tennis ball. It will relieve frustration.

July 01, 2012
Tennis isn't just a game, it is the game. I never get tired of playing. I could play every day and not get bored with it. Maybe it is because as a trial attorney I get so tired of seeing people with low self-esteem lie that instead of knocking them up-side the head and getting me arrested, I hit a tennis ball. It is fun and you meet some wonderful people. And if you are adventurous you travel all over the nation playing in nice weather with beautiful scenery. There are worse things in life than going to the beach after an exhausting tennis match.

Life can be very frustrating. Tennis is a great way to release frustration. Hitting a tennis ball over a three foot net is not a logical or rational physical activity. But who ever said humans are rational? Humans are God's frustrated animal. Sport is a great way to overcome the frustrations of life.

Unlike other sports you can play tennis your entire life and at a level that matches your physical ability. If you lose your legs for whatever reason you can play tennis in a tennis wheelchair. If you slow down because you are older you can play with people your own age. So what is the wheelchair tennis tour like?

There are tennis tournaments all summer. My year starts in Indian Wells in January. This year I was frustrated. I was in the semi-finals but was not familiar with the Palm Springs, California community. I made a wrong turn on the freeway and was headed toward Phoenix instead of Indian Wells and when I called the tournament desk to explain my mistake they told me to hurry and get there. I was 40 minutes late and was disqualified. That started off my 2012 tennis year.

From the desert of Indian Wells, as beautiful a place to play as you can find my next adventure was to Boca Raton, Florida for Bruce and Verona Karr's Florida Open in April. My semi-final match was against 33 year old Stephen Richarson. In a brutally close match I lose 7-5. I kept hitting to his running forehand and he kept running down the shots and hitting winners. To add salt to the wound of losing my friend Jan Proctor tells me, "Danny you let Steve beat you? I beat 6-0, 6-2. All you have to do is hit behind him or play his backhand." Ouch! After a few beers at South Beach listening to great music, enjoying terrific food and babe watching, the loss lost its importance.

In May there is the Henrickson Open at San Diego's Balboa Park. This is very fun event. In the semi-finals I am playing 29 year old Devin Eshelman. We go to a tie breaker in the final set. On match point I am serving to his backhand and I just missed the line on my second serve….. ouch! Watching Novak Djokovic double fault to Rafa Nadal at the French Open made me realize even the greatest player in the world can have an off day.

June takes me to New York City for the Jana Hunsaker tournament. I am in the semi-finals and playing a third set tie-breaker against Paul Sullivan. We are slugging it out and I forget an important weapon, use a top spin lob against someone that keeps coming in and cutting off your shots. I lose the tie-breaker 13-11. Damn it!

So now I am in Sacramento, California. Once again I am in the semi-finals against up and coming new star Wally Lee the M.D. Wally retired from medicine after a skiing accident and is now treating tennis players to his powerful forehand and incredible return of serve. He took his tennis racket and pounded me with it 6-1, 6-1. I had no answers. I served right at him and he would chip the ball cross court for a winner. I served to his forehand and he would crush it down the line. I hit the tee and he somehow managed to return it into the corner almost out of my reach. Wally won the championship as he should have.

Losing in the semi-finals is frustrating. It is as if tennis is causing me frustration rather than releasing frustration. But I am determined to win and will continue the chase for that 1st place trophy. There is so much satisfaction in playing a really hard match and shouting YEAH are you hit a championship point. It is a feeling that keeps you addicted to playing. And after the sweat and training and hard work, you realize it is worth it. I am 55 years old and will play tennis as long as my health allows. I am determined to beat up these 20 and 30 year old kids who have no respect for a 55 year old man!

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