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July 12 • 08:58
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No Earth Shaking in Istanbul

October 25, 2011
The tremors were felt only in the hearts of the capital city, and perhaps the top eight women felt extra tremors in their hearts as they got ready to play off for the final WTA prize of the year and a share of the $4.9M, starting Tuesday.

Year-to-date, the 8 women have won a collective $21.2M, so this prize money they will share represents a 23% BONUS pool. Not bad.

Year-to-date, the 8 women have played a total of 510 matches, earning an average of $41, 500 per match.

The 8 have played each other 44 times, meaning once in every 11 matches they've played have they met one of the current top 8 players (others have been in the top 8 during the year, and there have been a number of champions like Serena and Venus playing the odd tournament as a low or non-seed).

Of their combined 126 losses this year, only about 1/3 (44) have been to one of the other competitors in Istanbul. The most any two players here have met this year is 4 times (Zvonareva and Radwanska, with Radwanska winning 3 of the 4).

The first four days feature round robin play.

Tomorrow's match-ups won't be felt as after shocks, but the likely upset may happen in the 2nd match when #1 Wozniacki takes on #8 Radwanska, who is coming off two tournament victories in a row in Asia this month, where she beat #4 Azarenka (another hot player), #11 Petkovic and #6 Zvonareva.

#3 Kvitova opens the tournament against #6 Zvonareva, and in the last match of the day #2 Sharapova plays #7 Stosur, whom she has already beaten 3 times this year.

Rick Devereux

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