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July 12 • 09:08
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Is the Royal Guard Changing?

October 24, 2011
Is the Royal Guard Changing?

Perusing the titles and finals reached by the top 4 men in the last 6 years reveals some interesting stats and trends.

In the last 6 years, the top 4 won 118 titles in 178 finals:

- 77 hard court titles of which Roger has won 26, Joker 24, Murray 19 and Rafa 8.

- 29 clay titles of which Rafa has won 23, Roger 4 and Joker 2.

- 12 grass titles of which Roger has won 7, Rafa 3, Murray 2 and Joker 1.

Assuming one of them wins at least one of the remaining titles in 2011, which is likely, it means that among them they've won at least 20 titles in 6 of the last 7 years. In more than half of the weeks of the season, one of them has won an event.

Rafa and Roger have so far won only 4 events between them this year (versus 15 for Joker and Murray this year). The last year in which Rafa and Roger did not combine to win more than twice that number was 2003 (when Roger won 7 and Rafa did not play). They have won as many 22 events in a year (2005, when each won 11 and lost 1). The last year in which Joker and Murray combined to win only 4 events was 2010. This is by far their best combined year, and the worst year since 2002 for Rafa and Roger.

To see a chart of their finals and titles, visit the complete post from today on my blog at INTENNIS.COM.

Rick Devereux

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